How to Get Everything That You Need When You’re Staying Home

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If you want to stay comfy and cozy at home but you need to get some staples without waiting forever, you should check out some home delivery options that you may not have tried yet. Some of the big-name delivery services have monopolized consumers’ attention, but these lesser-known alternatives can help you get great deals on your household’s most important necessities without having to go anywhere or wait a long time.  

Smoking and Edible Needs

Cannabis home delivery services can be a far easier option than making a dedicated trip to a dispensary. Home delivery is a great way to avoid having to make an appointment or waiting in line to pick up your preferred products. You can place an order online with Get My Supply and choose from a variety of high-quality cannabis products. They offer both traditional THC and CBD products. You can schedule a delivery for ASAP or a later time when it’s most convenient for you.


Snacking Sundries

When you don’t want a whole big restaurant delivery order, but you want some yummy snacks or some food items that you can make yourself, Go Puff is a great delivery option. You can also get some non-food household necessities like paper products or ibuprofen. The delivery fee is usually under $2, and turnaround time is typically fairly quick. Most service areas have delivery available 24/7. If it’s 2:00 am and you want to make some mac and cheese and get some paper towels without leaving your house, this is definitely the delivery service for you.  

All of Your Furry Friend’s Favorite Stuff

Some people tend to avoid having their pet’s products delivered because they think that the best deals are available in-store. Also, there aren’t many places where your dog is welcome, but a pet supply retailer is usually an exception. However, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to avoid a trip to the pet store. If you’re trying to practice social distancing with your dog, it may particularly difficult to keep your dog away from other animals in an enclosed area. In addition, you may want to avoid hitting the road during inclement weather or a heavy-traffic time of day. If you’re going on foot, you probably don’t want to have to carry back heavy stuff like big packs of canned food. One of the best sources to get your pet supplies delivered is Chewy. This online ordering platform offers fast shipping and very competitive prices.