Fun Activities we Can do with Our Siblings

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Siblings are those people in particular who annoy us the most, but we can’t imagine our lives without them in them. We fight, we cry, and make a complete lunatic of us in front of them, all of which makes a sibling relationship so special until the very end of time. Somehow, we don’t realise how important they are to us and how between all the sweet, annoying moments, we end up earning some of the memories of a lifetime. At some point in time, you all might have prank your siblings for fun and had a nice laugh about it. Isn’t it? But if you are willing to bond with your brother/sister, then here are a few fun-tastic activities you can do with them. Read on to find out more.

  1. Pillow Sumo – Tie a pillow covering your below neck area, both front and back. Then wear an oversised t-shirt on top of it. Get a rope or belt to affix the pillow together and close to your body. Now what? Get ready to wrestle your heart out with your sibling. Make sure you don’t hit anywhere in the face to make sure it gives rise to some happy moments and not some injuries.
  2. Freeze Game – Get ready to tap your feet to some hip and happening tracks as you play this fun game. Gather your siblings around, now play some music. Ask them to dance around as and when the music plays and freeze immediately when the song stops playing. Now, if anyone starts to bug you holding that pose, it gets an extra point. And that’s how you roll!
  3. Catchy Catch – For this, you need a balloon or beach ball of plastic. Now throw this balloon up in the air and ask your siblings to balance it without your hands’ help. It could be the head, face, nose, tummy with which they choose to keep the balloon flying. If anyone touches the ballon with their hands or drop it while balancing, they get a penalty.
  4. Lemon drop – When was the last time when you and your siblings competed? Have you been quite a long? Then, this game is sure to bring your competitive spirit back on track. The idea is to balance a lemon in a spoon which needs to be held in our mouth. And doing so, one needs to walk some designated distance without dropping either the spoon or the lemon in between somewhere.
  5. Blind Treasure Hunt – Hide some treats or goodies around the house and blindfold one of your siblings. Let the other one guide and find out the hidden treat with words. Sounds quite interesting, isn’t it?

So, these were some fun activities that you can choose to execute with your loving bunch of siblings. As a fun festival like Rakhi is approaching, once you have tied your sibling a silver rakhi, you can enjoy the rest of the day carrying out these activities, one by one. Who would have ever thought Rakhi celebrations could turn into such fun, right?