Breakdown Your Body Fat Using Essential Oils

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Everyone knows what essential oils do to our health and environment. In the times when everyone and everything is suffering, they are the most natural amigo one can embrace. They treat a host of conditions from allergies to headaches. In fact, some evidence shows that when these highly concentrated oils are inhaled, diffused, or rubbed on the affected body part, you can minimize your cravings, burn fat, act active, and lose weight.

We wouldn’t push you to reduce your appetite over the weight issue. Instead, we would recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise, along with regular use of essential oils to shed extra pounds. And that’s it. That’s all you need to do in order to tone up your body.

What essential oils act best in reducing body fat?

Lemon Oil

Those who have tried lemon water on an empty stomach every morning, wouldn’t argue on this. Lemon is great citrus that has been a kitchen essential for ages. It is an age-old cooking ingredient that isn’t bound by any particular cuisine. Its oil supports detoxification and helps cleanse toxins that build up inside the body.

According to renowned nutritionists and physicians, using lemon essential oil for detoxing will rejuvenate the human body, boost energy levels, and accentuate the fat digestion system. They also add that it is a powerful component for lymphatic drainage, ridding the waste particles that can be leading to inflammation, and other health conditions that hinder your weight-loss ability and mindset.

You can avail all these benefits by diffusing five drops of lemon oil into the water and letting its essence permeate into your senses.

Lavender Oil

Several fattening comforts are food like chips, cookies, candies, and cakes and a feeling of not hitting the gym or getting enough sleep. Lavender promotes relaxation, boosts sound sleep, and soothes the mind. It also slashes unhealthy eating habits. A fragrance expert once said that upon sniffing delectable aromas, we salivate and want to satisfy those cravings. Contrarily, upon sniffing lavender’s scent, we tend to feel relaxed and calm towards those cravings.

Rub three drops to your temples, wrists, and the back of your neck before bedtime to reap its full benefits.

Grapefruit Oil

This fruit was a big hit back in the day. It contains fat-burning elements that support the breakdown of body fat by activating enzymes in the body. Its powerful compounds promote metabolism and cleanse your lymphatic glands.

Gently massage this oil onto your stomach for reducing dangerous belly fat and waist circumference. Or add one to two drops to a glass of water or apply two drops to your waist or chest for diminishing hunger drives.

Peppermint Oil

Alongside boosting energy, peppermint also soothes muscular weariness and reduces recovery time. It suppresses the craving for unhealthy food, which is the major cause of weight gain. Just add four drops of this essential oil in your bathtub filled with water and witness the results yourself.

Ginger Oil

It supports digestion, reduces inflammation, and eases sugary appetite. It also acts as a thermogenic agent, which means it can help burn fat and boost your metabolism. Begin with adding two drops of the oil to a bucket of warm water for the bath and bathtub for soaking. Or you can simply inhale it directly from the bottle.

Apart from these, peppermint and cinnamon oil also play a vital role in motivating you to lose excess weight. Their ultimate advantage is to help you shape your body the way you always dreamt. But before you proceed, buy the best young living essential oils and get going.