5 Essential Oils for Your Ultimate Skin Care

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The use of essential oils to maintain health and treating various ailments and conditions is so common for long. These extracts can be used in a variety of manners on the skin because of their concentration and powerful actions, they’ll always need to be diluted in a carrier oil or butter-like shea or cocoa butter. Medical Marijuana Doctors have recommended several kinds of oils including cannabis oil which can be used in different recipes for skincare and gives very outstanding results. Whereas, these essential oils can always be used along with the carrier oil to avoid any kind of skin problems or reactions. Before applying it on a large area of skin, check it on a small patch to examine reaction. If you feel any negative effects like rashes, itching, burning or any kind of side effects at the site of application, stop using that oil and get it examined by the doctor.

Here are the few essential oils for your ultimate skincare which are as follows:

1- Green Oregano Oil

The oregano oil is extracted from the flowering section of herbs. It is best known because of its purifying benefits. It is recognized for its highly effective antioxidant benefits. It is best to address many skin problems.

2- Geranium Oil

Geranium oil is best for the oil production balancing on skin, and it has countless positive effects for all types of skin. This oil can be used with any kind of moisturizers to help under and overproduction of oil on the skin. It is antibacterial and has a very pleasant fragrance that has hints of rose in it. It not only favors the balancing of oil production on skin but also helps to improve your mood at the same time!

3- Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most versatile oils which is suitable for all kinds of skin and helps to heal skin irritations. This oil is best suited for cleaning injured cuts, burns, scrapes and any kind of irritations caused by any kind of infection. Not only this, but it can also tranquil down stressed skin. You can also utilize the benefits of lavender oil to treat many other issues like acne and redness etc. The obliging specialties of this oil is for sensitivity, rashes, or problem skin but can be used for any skin type, including mature or aged skin. You can even soothe and cool your skin with the sprays of lavender lemonade body spray.

4- Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is best to retain moisture and improves skin tone. It is best in making it an ideal essential oil for dry skin. Its formula can purify and hydrates the skin and works to purify and protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

5- Neroli Oil

This oil is essentially used to give pleasure look to devitalized, mature, aging, and sensitive skin types. This oil has certain regenerative properties, due to which it can also be used as a skin toner to tighten aging skin. Neroli oil has such antibacterial characteristics that are best suitable for treating acne, scarring, and stretch marks. It can play a fantastic role in its natural skincare routine. For the anti-stretched skin one can also use this neroli oil with avocado oil as well.


The oils can protect your skin. They can deeply penetrate the skin and can keep toxins and other bad stuff out. Even some oils are also beneficial to fortify and strengthen our natural skin barrier.

Choose an appropriate oil for your skin and enjoy its favors!